Teaching Fellows in the Social Sciences

The Teaching Fellows Program is a competitive two-year program designed to enhance the pedagogical skills and extend research training for recent graduates of doctoral programs in the Division. The program fosters a learning community in which Fellows gain additional teaching experience and professionalization in preparation for the job market while continuing to advance their research agendas.

Individuals accepted to the program have demonstrated excellence in their original scholarship, as well as in teaching. The program provides guidance and support, drawing on the expertise of faculty mentors from departments along with the resources of the Chicago Center for Teaching and UChicago GRAD.

Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, associate professor in the Department of History, is faculty director of the Teaching Fellows.

Applications are now being accepted for appointments beginning in Autumn 2022:

The Social Sciences Division invites applications from current and recent University of Chicago graduate students in the Division for a competitive two-year program designed to enhance their pedagogical skills and research profiles.

Candidates should demonstrate excellence in their original scholarship, as well as in teaching. Successful candidates will be appointed as Teaching Fellows either in a department or program or one of the Division’s M.A. programs (Committee on International Relations, Master of Arts Program in Social Sciences, or the Master of Arts in Computational Social Science). Teaching Fellows appointed in a department/program will teach 4 courses per academic year, usually a combination of general education “Core” courses and courses in majors and programs that relate to Fellows’ expertise. Teaching Fellows appointed in an M.A. program will teach 2-3 courses and have other responsibilities equivalent to 1-2 courses.

Fellows will also participate in a structured program of professional development under the supervision of the Faculty Director of the Social Sciences Teaching Fellows program, the Chicago Center for Teaching (CCT), and their faculty mentor in a relevant Social Sciences Division department.

The starting salary for AY22-23 will be $48,093. Each Fellow will be provided with a work space, library privileges, and access to career service support through UChicago Grad. Fellows must be in-residence on campus during the three quarters of the academic year. Teaching Fellows positions are full-time and allow Fellows time to pursue their research agendas and opportunities for career advancement. During fall, winter, and spring quarters Teaching Fellows are prohibited from accepting any other on or off-campus employment. Any additional summer work must be pre-approved by the Provost’s Office before the start of the additional job. The terms and conditions of employment for this position are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the University.

Notification and Start of Program: Successful Teaching Fellows and alternates will be notified in March 2022. The Fellow’s two-year appointment will begin Autumn Quarter 2022. Appointment is contingent upon successful completion of the PhD by July 27, 2022 but not before August 6, 2021. Teaching Fellows must have an appropriate work visa in order to begin their appointment.

Program Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the Teaching Fellows in the Social Sciences program (TFSS) applicants must:

  • have received or be on track to complete and receive the PhD before the start of the appointment, in a PhD program of the Social Sciences Division, as confirmed by the chair of the department;
  • candidates must graduate no later than August 2022, and no earlier than August 2021.  To fulfill this requirement, all departmental requirements for the PhD must be fulfilled and the dissertation filed by the university’s summer 2021 deadline (which is Friday, July 27th).
  • identify a faculty sponsor who will commit to actively participate as a mentor during the program. Candidates are strongly encouraged to seek out a faculty mentor who is not the dissertation chair.
  • for applicants interested in teaching in a particular college core sequence, it is highly recommended that they have some previous experience in that sequence, either as a teaching intern or as a graduate lecturer.

Applications must be submitted through Interfolio at http://apply.interfolio.com/99619. The application deadline is January 14, 2022, 11:59pm Eastern Time. Early submission is recommended.  Each applicant must include the following materials:

  • short cover letter;
  • one-page teaching proposal that makes the case for a slate of four courses that the candidate is prepared to teach.  The “menu” of teaching needs can be found at https://voices.uchicago.edu/sstfcoursemenu.  Please refer to this password protected site in making your course proposals.  Candidates should indicate if their proposed classes meet a specific and stated need of a department, program, or core sequence. Please include in your proposal at least one or two Core courses; candidates should highlight previous (or planned) teaching experience in a proposed Core sequence.  (for Core course descriptions consult: http://collegecatalog.uchicago.edu/thecollege/socialsciences/);
  • current CV;
  • current UChicago transcript (unofficial transcripts acceptable);

Additionally, the applicant must arrange for three reference letters, as indicated below

  1. A reference letter from the Department Chair (submitted directly to Interfolio), providing a brief statement affirming that the candidate is in good standing in the doctoral program and promises to fulfill the pedagogical and intellectual aims of the Teaching Fellow program;
  2. A reference letter from the doctoral advisor (submitted directly to Interfolio), providing 1) assessment of the applicant’s scholarship and teaching, including the role this fellowship will play in supporting the applicant’s qualifications for the job market; 2) confirmation of the applicant’s progress to timely completion of degree for participation in the program;
  3. A reference letter from the proposed faculty mentor (submitted directly to Interfolio), providing affirmation of the faculty member’s commitment to mentoring the fellow in his or her teaching responsibilities and professional development.

Selection Process: All applications will be reviewed by the TFSS committee. The selection process will include interviews in February, 2022. Those contacted for interviews will be asked to submit their dissertation in present form at that point, as well as a plan for dissertation completion.  Interviewees may also be asked to submit teaching materials.

For more information, email the Dean of Students Office.

2020-21 Teaching Fellows Directory

Former Fellows, with first post-Teaching Fellow position listed:

  • David Ansari, PhD'18 (Comparative Human Development), Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Amanda Blair, PhD'18 (Political Science), Research Program Officer in Learning, Evaluation, and Research, United States Institute of Peace
  • Guy Emerson Mount, PhD'17 (History), Assistant Professor, Auburn University
  • Dan Knorr, PhD'20, Unestablished University Lecturer in the Faculty of History at Cambridge University (four year position)
  • Daniel Nichanian, PhD'16 (Political Science), Senior Research and Editorial Fellow, Justice Collaborative/Fair Punishment Project and Editor of The Appeal
  • Justin Niemeyer-Dohoney, PhD'18 (History), Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
  • Seamus Power, PhD’17 (Comparative Human Development), Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Copenhagen
  • Robert Reamer, PhD'18 (Political Science), Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics, Oberlin College
  • Basil Salem, PhD'16 (History), Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, The University of Chicago
  • Nora Taplin-Kaguru, PhD'16 (Sociology), Assistant Professor, Earlham College