Deans Advisory Council (DAC)

The Division of the Social Sciences established a Deans Advisory Council in 2015 to advise and inform divisional leadership on administrative and academic issues that affect doctoral students. Composed of PhD students from each of the division’s departments, the DAC meets regularly over the academic year with the division’s Academic Dean, Deputy Dean, and the Dean of Students to explore topics jointly selected by DAC members and administrators. The DAC provides an institutional venue where Council members can represent the views and concerns of students. It also serves as a systematic channel for the division to communicate to students the broad perspectives of the Division and the University, as Council members report back to students in their respective programs.

2019-2020 Members

Rishi Arora, Sociology
Nathalie Barton, History
Nicole Burke, Psychology
Geneva Cole, Political Science
Luke Foster, Social Thought
Rafadi Hakim, Anthropology
Alex Jania, History
Matthew Knisley, Anthropology
Mengyuan Liang, Comparative Human Development
Colton Scrivner, Comparative Human Development
Emily Slezak, Psychology
Madeleine Stevens, Political Science
Robert Stone, Social Thought
Stephanie Ternullo, Sociology
Yulia Zhestkova, Economics