MA Residence Status

A student walks under an archway in the SSD Quad

The Division’s MA programs require a set number of courses, properly distributed, and a master’s thesis. Please see the specific program website for details on those requirements.

Students are expected to register in each quarter of the academic year, Autumn-Winter-Spring. Students in MA programs may interrupt their program of study and not register for courses for a maximum of one year (four consecutive quarters, including summer quarter). Students who have not registered for four consecutive quarters will be withdrawn from the program, and must petition to resume studies, subject to approval of the director of the master’s program and the Division’s Dean of Students.

MA Extended Status

MA students who have completed their course registration requirements but have not graduated are placed in Extended Status for up to four consecutive quarters (including Summer). Students in Extended Status do not register for courses and do not meet requirements for student loan eligibility, student loan deferments, or international student program extensions. Students in Extended Status are not charged tuition or fees and may access libraries on campus.

Students who have not graduated at the end of four quarters of Extended Status will be withdrawn from the program. They must petition to complete their thesis and/or other degree requirements, subject to approval of the director of the master’s program and the Dean of Students of the Social Sciences Division.

The Division will not consider petitions from students more than ten years beyond their last course registration.