Incoming Student Resources

Quad in fall

We are excited to welcome our incoming 2024 cohort of master’s and PhD students to campus in September. We’ve collated here for you necessary information, timelines, and resources for incoming students.

Questions? Contact the Dean of Students Office at

Matriculation Checklist

There are many steps to complete between accepting your offer and joining us on campus in September. Below are the most important ones, but please routinely check your email as more to-do items may be added depending on your program or specific situation.

Claim Your CNetID

Who: All Newly Enrolling Students

When: May - July

Your University of Chicago CNetID functions as your UChicago email address and is also used to access most University systems. You must claim your CNetID to complete many of the tasks below.

Beginning in summer, all communication from University offices, including the Registrar, Bursar, UChicago Student Wellness, etc. will go to *only* your UChicago email address. You can forward your UChicago email address to another service if you wish (instructions on the ITS website).

Request Your I-20/DS-2019

Who: International students seeking University of Chicago visa sponsorship

When: May – July

International students can begin the visa process beginning in May, once the offer of admission is accepted, any required enrollment deposit is received, and any condition of admission is satisfied. Eligible students will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to request an I-20/DS-2019 once the Dean of Students Office is prepared to initiate your visa process. Information about the process and timeline can be found on the Office of International Affairs website.

Apply for Federal Loans or Work-Study

Who: U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents newly enrolling into an MA program

April - August

Students intending to apply for federal aid programs must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Eligibility requirements for the FAFSA can be found on the U.S. Federal Student Aid website.

Once your FAFSA is received by the University, Graduate Financial Aid will work on an estimated Federal student loan and Work-Study package for you. All communications regarding federal aid will be sent via your account. More information about the process can be found on the Graduate Financial Aid website. Please note that final scholarship awards are not entered into until July.

Request Disability Accommodations

Who: Students with Disabilities

When: Summer

Students with disabilities should speak with Student Disability Services to discuss what accommodations may be available. You should be in touch as soon as possible as some accommodations can take a while for SDS to arrange. They can be reached at

Complete Online Orientation

Who: All Students

When May – July

All incoming students are encouraged to read the online orientation materials in Canvas. An invitation to the course will be sent to your UChicago email address in May. Didn’t receive the invitation? Contact

Submit Final Official Transcripts

Who: All Incoming Students

When: By August 1

You must provide an official, final transcript from each program from which you have received a degree. The list of schools for which we require a final transcript can be found in your application status page. We do not accept transcripts that you upload or send as an email attachment; official transcripts must be sent by your academic institution directly to us either by mail or e-transcript. More information on our requirements for transcripts can be found in your application status page. Students whose final official transcripts will be delayed, or who must present a copy in person, should contact for an extension.

Determine When to Arrive in Chicago

Who: All Students

When: June

Orientation activities for all graduate students begin on September 23; however, students in the following programs have required pre-matriculation camps to attend:

  • Computational Social Science: Arrive before August 26
  • Economics PhD: Arrive before September 3
  • MAPSS Economics: Arrive before September 3
  • MAPSS QMSA: Arrive before August 26

Students opting to participate in a math camp should arrive at least one day before the scheduled start of their camp.

Rent/Lease an Apartment

Who: All Students

When: June – September, depending on their arrival plans

Because apartment leases in Chicago can require no more than 60 days-notice of intent to vacate, this means most apartments are posted as available only 6-8 weeks before the landlord’s anticipated availability date. For students beginning in September, this means most apartment hunting happens in July and August. Learn more about housing in the Hyde Park area on the UChicagoGRAD Graduate Housing website.

Complete Workday Onboarding

Who: PhD Students

When: Late Summer

PhD students will need to submit required documents to receive their stipend payments via the University’s HR and payroll system, Workday. You will receive information from our office and the Workday system when this is required. All PhD students must set up direct deposit for stipends; the University no longer issues paper checks.

International students have additional paperwork requirements to receive stipends, and should begin the Workday process as soon as you are eligible to do so.

Enroll In/Waive Student Health Insurance

Who: All Students

When: August 3 – October 17

Students enrolling in Autumn Quarter cannot request a USHIP waiver or enroll in USHIP until August 1. Information will be sent to you by UChicago Student Wellness when the enrollment/waiver website opens. Information about waiver requirements, the USHIP plan, and coverage dates can be found on the Student Insurance website.

USHIP enrollment is for the entire plan year, which is September 1 – August 31, but students are billed three times per year (Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters).

MA Students: If you do not take action by the enrollment/waiver deadline, you will be automatically enrolled in USHIP and responsible for the USHIP premium.

PhD Students: All PhD students must enroll in USHIP. We advise you to enroll early to ensure you are in the United Healthcare system when you arrive on campus.

Provide Proof of Required Vaccinations

Who: All Students Newly Enrolling at UChicago

When: August 3 – October 17

All newly enrolling students are required by the State of Illinois and the University of Chicago to submit proof of vaccination against a variety of illnesses. You can find the list and information regarding the documentation requirements on the UChicago Wellness website. All required vaccinations can be received at UChicago Student Wellness upon your arrival to campus; students in the process of receiving a required vaccination series will continue to be allowed to access campus while they complete their vaccinations.

Please note that the system to submit your proof of vaccinations does not open to incoming students until August. You will receive an email when you will be able to access the system.

Receive Student ID Card

Who: All Students Newly Enrolling at UChicago

When: After August 3

Incoming students should be able to obtain their student ID card anytime after August 3, by visiting the ID & Privileges Office in the lobby of the Regenstein Library. It is preferred you make an appointment. Please note you must bring a government-issued photo identification card to receive an UCID card.

**Note** Access to some buildings will be available right away, but access to certain facilities limited to enrolled students, such as the gym, will not begin until late September. Physical access to library facilities becomes available after August 3, but proxy access and remote access to electronic library resources will only become available to students after September 25.

Apply to First Year Scholars

Who: PhD students

When: Summer

The SSD First Year Scholars program aims to support the intellectual and professional development of first year doctoral students in the Division and build a community of scholars. Participating students will also have the opportunity to engage in supported and mentored summer research experiences. All PhD students within the Division can apply and students from first generation or low-income backgrounds, underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities, LGBQT, and students with differing abilities are especially encouraged to apply. All incoming PhD students will receive an email when the application opens.

Attend Orientation

Who: All Students

When: Week of September 23

All programs have orientation events the week of September 23rd, but dates vary by program. UChicagoGRAD organizes an all-University orientation event on September 24th which students are strongly encouraged to attend.

MA Students: All programs hold their orientations on September 23rd.

Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

Who: All Students

When: October

All students, staff, and faculty at the University of Chicago are required to complete a yearly training course on sexual misconduct prevention. This training takes place online and you’ll receive an invitation to complete the training in October. You must complete this training or you will not be able to register for Winter quarter.

Annual Confirmation of Data

Who: All Students

When: September – October

Each year, new and returning students are required to go through a confirmation process within my.UChicago to ensure that our central systems have accurate directory information and up-to-date emergency contacts, addresses and phone numbers in case of a personal emergency. You’ll receive an email from the University Registrar when this process opens.

Important Policies & Resources


PhD Students: PhD students are not permitted to defer their enrollment. If a student is unable to enroll as anticipated, they should contact their program and the Dean of Students Office immediately.

MA Students: Enrolling MA students who have not previously deferred enrollment are permitted to defer their enrollment by one academic year. Scholarships offered by the Division of the Social Sciences, excepting the Dean’s Opportunity Scholarship, may be deferred one year. Students who defer are required to pay an additional non-refundable $1,000 enrollment deposit when they reconfirm their intent to enroll the following January. The priority deadline to request a deferral is June 15.

Enrollment Deposits

All enrolling MA students must submit an enrollment deposit. All enrollment deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are applied towards the first quarter tuition bill.

Health Insurance

The University requires all registered students to carry adequate health insurance to cover, among other costs, hospitalization and outpatient diagnostic, testing and surgical procedures. Additionally, the insurance must cover medical care provided in the Chicago area for both emergency and routine, non-emergency medical situations (or, if the student will not be in Chicago, it must provide this coverage wherever the student will be residing and studying during the academic year). In keeping with this requirement, each year all students registered in an insurance-required program are enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP). Students wishing to waive out of U-SHIP coverage must review the comparable coverage checklist and affirm possession of alternate comparable coverage before the enrollment/waiver deadline. The enrollment/waiver process opens to incoming students in early August.

PhD Students: U-SHIP enrollment is required for all PhD students at the University of Chicago. As such, PhD students are not eligible to waive U-SHIP with comparable coverage. Individual student premiums will be paid for PhD students at no cost to them.


Under State of Illinois and University policy, students must submit proof of immunization for a variety of non-COVID diseases upon enrolling at the University. Newly enrolling students for Autumn Quarter will be able to access the my.WellnessPortal in mid-August to uplodad their proof of immunizations and if necessary, schedule vaccination appointments. All required vaccinations are provided free of charge. A full list of required immunizations as well as information on the necessary documentation can be found on the Student Wellness website.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees for the Social Sciences Division can be found on the Bursar’s website. MA students enroll in 3 courses each quarter of enrollment. Typically, students are only enrolled in Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarter. Acceptable payment means and quarterly bill due dates are listed on the Bursar’s website. The Autumn 2024 bill will be due for all students on Friday, October 4, 2024.

MA students are eligible for an installment payment plan each quarter; more information can be found on the Quarterly Payment Plan website.

If a third party will pay a portion of tuition and other fees, a student can enroll in Third-Party Contract Billing. Only the student may apply for TPC. Please see the Bursar’s Website for more information. Students with external scholarships or fellowships should review the external scholarship processing guidelines.

If a student withdraws or begins an approved Leave of Absence, tuition may be prorated according to the Bursar’s proration schedule. Other required fees and charges may or may not be refunded according to Bursar policy.

Offices/Resources to Know

The University of Chicago is a big place, and it can take some time to learn how to navigate the various offices and resources available to you as a new student. Below we’ve listed a few of the most important offices and resources to become acquainted with before you arrive.

Social Sciences Dean of Students: The Dean of Students Office ( should be your first stop with any questions – it is our job to help students figure out where to go when they need help. Students are also welcome to drop by our office any time Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. during Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. Summer quarter hours vary.

University Registrar: Your one-stop shop for transcripts, enrollment verification, etc. once you are registered for coursework.

University Bursar: Handles all financial transactions at the University.

Graduate Financial Aid: Manages FAFSA-based aid processes for master’s students.

UChicagoGRAD: Your one stop shop for all things graduate – career services, fellowship application support, writing assistance, administrative issues, and union questions.

UChicago Student Wellness: Access medical, mental health, and related services.

Safety & Security: Includes University of Chicago Police Department and related safety resources. Also manages campus transportation

UChicago Athletics: UChicago students have full access to the University’s athletic facilities, including Ratner Athletic Center and Henry Crown Field House. Many students also participate in intramural sports organized by UChicago Athletics. Please note that incoming students do not typically have access to facilities until orientation week.

UChicago Library: Incoming students are able to access library facilities once they pick up their ID card after August 2. Access to digital resources does not become available until course registration is complete (week of September 23).

Student Employment: Many students work in on-campus student employment positions. Many available positions are posted in the Grad Gargoyle job board.

Math Camps

Some incoming students are required to attend a math camp; others may optionally decide to participate according to their planned research and course enrollments. All camp information is listed below. Students required to attend a camp will be automatically registered; students requesting to register for an optional camp should submit the appropriate form in their applicant portal.

Computing Fundamentals Boot Camp
August 26 - September 13
Required for all MACSS students. Can be taken concurrently with the Computational Social Science Math Camp. MACSS students are registered automatically.
This boot camp focuses on introducing fundamental open-source tools for producing reproducible, computational research. Topics include the basics of Python programming, working on the Linux command line, as well as using Git/GitHub for version control. The course assumes no prior exposure to these topics and serves as preparation for the first course in the MACSS computing sequences in the Fall (MACS 30111 or MACS 30121). This camp can be taken concurrently with the Computational Social Science Math Camp. Students anticipating completing the Computational Social Science certificate during their time at UChicago are strongly encouraged, but not required, to complete this camp.

Computational Social Science Math Camp
August 26 - September 13
Required for all MACSS and MAPSS-QMSA students, optional for all other MAPSS students. 
Not available for MAPSS-Econ students.
MACSS and MAPSS-QMSA students will be registered automatically.

Topics include mathematical notation and functions, linear algebra, calculus, probability theory, statistical inference, and linear regression. The course assumes that students have encountered most of these topics previously. Students anticipating completing the Computational Social Science certificate during their time at UChicago are strongly encouraged, but not required, to complete this camp.

Economics Math Camp
September 3 - September 13
Required for MAPSS-Economics, not available to other students. Econ students will be automatically registered; no action is required at this time. Note: MACSS Economics students take Economics Math Camp before their second year.
Listed here for informational purposes only. Please contact the Economics Department with questions regarding the camp content.

Mathematics for Social Science
September 9 - 20
Optional for MAPSS and PhD students.
Mathematics for Social Science is an intense, accessible survey course that assumes no preparation beyond algebra. The main topics are calculus (differential and integral) and matrix algebra, after some initial preliminaries on sets, numbers, and mathematical proof. The course concludes with an overview of probability theory.

**Session meetings overlap with the computational camps and cannot be completed concurrently with either of them**