First Year Scholars Program

The First Year Scholars program supports the intellectual and professional development of first year doctoral students in the Division, further building our community of scholars. Participating students will also have the opportunity to engage in supported and mentored summer research experiences. The program is open to all PhD students within the Division.

Goals and Objectives:

The goals of SSD Scholars Program:

  1. Empower students to strategically plan and take control for their graduate education, and build intellectual community.
  2. Foster a strong cohort among first year students across the Division of the Social Sciences.

To achieve these goals, the program:

  1. Provides academic, social, and professional development opportunities.
  2. Eases the transition of incoming graduate students in SSD.
  3. Builds awareness of university resources.
  4. Promotes mental health wellbeing and raise awareness of mental health resources.
  5. Helps students find community in and outside of the university.

Students will come together monthly for workshops, meetings, and socials with faculty and other doctoral students. Programing will also draw on resources from UChicagoGRAD, Student Health and Wellness, and the Center for Civic Engagement.  Autumn Quarter 2020 sessions will likely be remote in light of the current public health crisis.

All participating students can apply for mentored summer research grants in the summer following their participation in the program. Research mentors will receive will also receive support for mentoring a 1st year scholar.

For more information, contact Chaevia Clendinen, Assistant Dean for Student Advancement and Diversity.