Amanda Woodward 
William S. Gray Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology.

Dean Woodward's Executive Assistant:
Laura Tharsen
(773) 795-2572

Deputy Deans

Mark Bradley
Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor, Department of History

Kathleen Cagney
Professor, Department of Sociology

John Mark Hansen
Charles L. Hutchinson Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Political Science

Kathleen D. Kinzler
Professor, Department of Psychology

James T. Sparrow
Master, Social Sciences Collegiate Division and Associate Professor, Department of History

Academic Affairs and Capital Planning
Joshua Beck
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Capital Planning
(773) 834-3156

Katie Kaftanich
Director, Academic Appointments and Payroll
(773) 795-2548

Rohit Rijhsinghani
Manager, Business Data Analytics
(773) 834-1331

Finance and Administration
Lisa Williams
Associate Dean, Finance and Administration
(773) 795-2554

Christina Klespies
Senior Director of Human Resources
(773) 702-2390

Research and Strategic Initiatives
Cate Goebel
Associate Dean, Research and Strategic Initiatives
(773) 834-2392

June Hou
Senior Associate Director of Research Development
(773) 702-5167

Sarah Niemann
Senior Assistant Director, Social Sciences Research Center
(773) 834-4433

Anna Brailovsky
Research Development Manager
(773) 834-5128

Shikha Evans
Grants Specialist, Social Sciences Research Center
(773) 834-8203

Dean Clason
Pre-Award Grants Administrator
(773) 834-4023

Dean of Students
Patrick Hall
(773) 702-8414

Masters Programs
Chad Cyrenne
Managing Director of MA Programs in the Social Sciences
(773) 702-5885

Alumni Relations and Development
Yasmin Omer
Assistant Dean for Development
(773) 702-4530

Elizabeth Braun Rush
Executive Director for Strategic Communications
(773) 702-2612