Mentoring Meeting in Progress

The Division recognizes that a robust culture of scholarly mentorship is crucial to the long-term success of its graduate students. Effective mentorship is not simply restricted to academic concerns but demonstrates holistic concern for the professional and personal development of new scholars. The Division is especially attentive to the need for senior scholars to model the best practices of their disciplines and help new scholars navigate unique cultures around research and departmental engagement. To this end, the Division has undertaken a variety of initiatives designed to tackle mentorship from many angles, including individual, group, and project-based models. Each department implements its own mentorship plan with the guidance and support of the Dean of Students Office.

2022-2023 Divisional Peer Mentors

Department of Anthropology

Jianghong An
Kirah Nelson

Department of Comparative Human Development

Graham Steffen

Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics

Alexandre Simões
Oliva Stiegman
Isaac Norwich
José Quintero
Hugo Lopez
Ed Jee
Sasha Petrov
Thomas Bourany

Joe Battles  
Michael Galperin
Ashton Pallonttini
Sasha Petrov 
Jose Quintero  
Marcos Sora 
Thomas Wiemann
Rachel Williams 

Department of Political Science

Lautaro Cella

Department of Psychology

Anita Restrepo Lachman
Anna Corriveau

John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought

Sam Lee

Department of Sociology

Siyanda Mohutsiwa