Divisional Accolades

To date:

Twenty-six Divisional faculty members have received the Nobel Prize, the most of any Division or school at the University of Chicago.

Fifty-four current Division faculty have been named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, most recently including Will Howell in 2020.

Demonstrating the broad intellectual reach of the faculty of the Division, three (3) have received the National Medal of Science, six have received the National Humanities Medal, and one has received the National Medal of the Arts.

Six Divisional faculty members have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Division has celebrated the election of eight faculty members to the National Academy of Sciences and one to the National Academy of Medicine.

Social Sciences faculty have earned nine MacArthur Fellowships, most recently Tara Zahra in 2014.


Mark Bradley, the Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of History and Deputy Dean of the Division, has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. Mark is one of five University of Chicago faculty to receive a fellowship this year.

Kimberly Hoang, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, has been awarded a fellowship by the American Council of Learned Societies. ACLS fellowships and grants are awarded to individual scholars for excellence in research in the humanities and related social sciences. 

John Levi Martin, Professor in the Department of Sociology, has been named a Fellow by the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. CASBS fellowships are awarded across core social and behavioral science disciplines in addition to humanistic fields.