Applicants are required to provide unofficial transcripts for all post-secondary schools attended. Transferred coursework or study abroad coursework does not require a transcript if all courses and grades are listed on the transcript from your degree-granting school. If you are newly enrolled in an academic program and do not have a transcript available at the time of application, you must upload confirmation of enrollment in lieu of the required transcript.

Final transcripts are required from any school from which you have received a degree and should list the degree name and date conferred. For any program in which you are currently enrolled but have not yet graduated, transcripts current as of the application deadline will suffice. Updated transcripts can be sent to the admissions office after the application deadline; however, we cannot guarantee admissions committees will consider materials submitted after the deadline.

If you accept an offer of admission, we will require you to provide official transcripts from any school from which you have received a degree. This transcript must be submitted to us directly from the originating institution, either through secure electronic means or mail. We will compare the official transcripts to the unofficial transcripts you submitted, and we reserve the right to revoke the offer of admission if there are any unexplained discrepancies.

Applicants whose transcripts are not issued in English must submit a translation in English in addition to the unofficial transcript issued in the language of instruction. Applicants may prepare the translation themselves and have it verified by a person whose position requires knowledge of both English and the pertinent language, such as a professor of English at a French university, or they may have the translation done by such a person. A signed statement or certificate of verification should be included with the translation. An official translation may also be obtained from a certified translation service, an embassy or consulate office, or other official entity requiring knowledge of both languages.

We do not require WES or NACES evaluations of international or foreign-language transcripts; however, we will accept WES or NACES-evaluated transcripts for application purposes and in lieu of official, translated transcripts.