2022 First Year Scholars Summer Grant Recipients

Monica Barbosa

Monica Barbosa:
Lender-Borrower Relationships in the Corporate Bond Market


Juan Curiel

Juan Curiel:
The East and West in Hugo Grotius


Ryan Dai

Ryan Dai:
Investigating Parental Involvement and Child Outcomes in China


Zaria El-Fil

Zaria El-Fil:
This Lawless Land: Vigilantism and Extra Legality in the Building of State Sovereignty


Zi Yun Huang

Zi Yun Huang:
Plankton and Science: Small Creatures, Big Business


Zikai Li

Zikai Li:
Standing Up or Giving In to a Narrowing Strait? Taiwanese Support for Democracy under Economic Integration with the Mainland


Alyssa Mendez

Alyssa Mendez:
“Mechotaque Gamuese,” or the Aesthetics of Suspicion in Quarantined Greece 


Nak Won Rim

Nak Won Rim:  
Dimensions of political polarization in corpus and neural signals.


Diana Sandoval Siman

Diana Sandoval Siman:
Latino communities in the US: a different (mis)information environment


Adam Saxton

Adam Saxton:
Defining the Relationship: States of War in International Politics


Katie Vasquez

Katie Vasquez:
Secrets as a tool to understanding children's social and moral beliefs


Alexander Weinberg

Alexander Weinberg:
Why did jobs move to the suburbs?


Alaina Wibberly

Alaina Wibberly:
Settler-Colonial Cartographies: From Extraction to Surveillance in the Sonoran Desert