Staff Career Opportunities in the Division of the Social Sciences

October 27, 2019 (last updated on June 3, 2021)


Consistently ranked among the top ten social science research universities in the world, the Division of Social Sciences is at the vanguard of inquiry and impact. Whether through the field-defining scholarship of the Chicago Schools in Sociology and Economics, the path-breaking impact of the first graduate international affairs program in the U.S., the creation of interdisciplinary programs in the Department of Comparative Human Development and the John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought, or many other pivotal milestones, the Division has repeatedly transformed the social sciences since its founding in 1930. The Division offers PhD degrees in nine disciplines and Master of Arts degrees in five interdisciplinary fields. The Division also offers a number of joint degrees, and these collaborative initiatives uniquely position the Division to pioneer creative modes of thinking about society’s most complex issues. 

Highlighted Positions:

Research Director

Sponsoring Faculty - Anne Karing (currently at Princeton)

Summary: The Research Director (RD) will report directly under Assistant Professor Anne Karing and oversee her entire research portfolio. The RD will be in charge of overseeing the implementation of research projects in Sierra Leone, including a research/scale up study on social signaling for immunization, a study on informal markets for medicine, a scoping study on insurance take-up, and a study on crowdsourcing of reproductive health provider information. The RD will also be overseeing the development and set up of projects outside Sierra Leone, including: a study of market and individual-level incentives to reduce over prescription of antibiotics, and a study on the role of beliefs and communication in chlorine adoption in Kenya, a scoping project on understanding discrimination in medicine sales by pharmacists in India, a study of children as agent for behavior change in health in Uganda, and a study on the impact of different community health champion’s models in the Philippines.


Research Specialist

Sponsoring Faculty: Azeem Shaikh and Stephane Bonhomme

Summary: The Research Specialist will report to Professor’s Azeem Shaikh and Stephane Bonhomme, as part of the 2021- 2022 Griffin Applied Economics Incubator Big Data Initiative. The Research Specialist will have the opportunity to collaborate on new and ongoing research in econometrics and will provide support to carry out the research activities. The ideal candidate would work for The Incubator for one or two years before applying to graduate school in Economics or another quantitative social science. This position has a preferred start date of August 2021.


Research Specialist 2 (3 positions) with the Center for Economic Human Development

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