Amanda Woodward elected 2021 AAAS Fellow

January 26, 2022 (last updated on July 13, 2023)

Nine University of Chicago researchers were named 2021 fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for their distinguished contributions to the sciences.

Profs. Maria-Luisa Alegre, Edward Blucher, Michael Coates, Michael Franklin, Yoav Gilad, Jeanne C. Marsh, Marcelo A. Nóbrega, Phoebe A. Rice and Amanda Woodward were among the 564 fellows elected as AAAS members for their scientifically or socially distinguished efforts to advance science and its applications.

Read the full article with all 9 University of Chicago AAAS Fellows here.

Amanda Woodward
Professor Amanda Woodward, Dean of the Division of the Social Sciences

Amanda Woodward

Amanda Woodward, dean of the Division of the Social Sciences and the William S. Gray Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology, focuses on social understanding in infants and the processes behind early life conceptual development.

Currently, she is investigating the sensitivity of infants to interpersonal social structure, the effects that cultural and community contexts have upon children’s social learning strategies, and neural processes of early social-cognitive development.

She was recognized “for pathbreaking contributions to understanding the development from infancy of the human mind, and for service to the growth of the science of social cognition.”