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Riyanna Coleman

Graduate Recruitment Manager Riyanna Coleman

Riyanna Coleman

Graduate Recruitment Manager

As the Graduate Recruitment Manager for Social Science Division Admissions Department, Riyanna focuses on supporting students as they take their first steps in navigating their graduate studies journey. From hosting informational application sessions to connecting with students 1:1, Riyanna’s main goal is to aid students in achieving their academic goals.

With a seasoned background in recruitment, Riyanna has successfully navigated the intricate realms of technology, finance, and education. Her professional mission centers on connecting exceptional talent with opportunities that align with their aspirations.

Riyanna holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and child development, underpinning her commitment to understanding individuals holistically. Currently pursuing an MBA, she seamlessly integrates her profound insights into human development with strategic business acumen.

Riyanna's professional passion lies in the intersection of higher education and organizational management. She excels in creating synergies that harmonize academic excellence with effective leadership, contributing to the success and growth of both individuals and organizations.