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Agatha Slupek

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences Slupek, Agatha

Area of Study

Department of Political Science

Agatha Slupek

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

Agatha Slupek is an MA Teaching Fellow and MAPSS Preceptor in Political Science. She recently completed her PhD (Summer 2022) in Political Science at the University of Chicago. Slupek’s research interests include feminism and feminist political theory, 20th continental philosophy, legal theory, and the place of emotions, rhetoric, and voice in democratic life. Her dissertation, Fury at the Limits of Law: Towards a Feminist Political Theory of Vengeance, critically examined the gendered features of the liberal tradition’s exclusion of vengeance from political life. Her Master’s Thesis was awarded the Joseph Cropsey Prize for Best Master’s Thesis in Political Philosophy at the University of Chicago (2017). She also holds a B.A. (Honors) in Philosophy and Political Theory from McGill University (2015), in her hometown of Montréal.