Info For: Staff

Across departments, programs, and centers, Social Sciences staff make integral contributions to the initiatives and accomplishments of the Division. The links below help staff access key resources and navigate common questions.

SSD Staff Suggestion Box

New Employees

The links below orient staff who have recently joined UChicago to policies and programs.

This PDF offers an overview of resources for new hires in SSD.

For further information as well as details on new employee orientation, visit the Getting to Know UChicago website.

Leave of Absence Process in Workday

The University is embarking on an exciting new path that gives active and eligible staff members the ability to request a leave of absence for themselves within Workday. This will reduce processing time and ensure all confidential information is kept between the employee and the Leave Administration team, while keeping the local HR unit informed of the process and status updates via Workday notifications and system-generated automatic emails.


Until now, employees requested a leave by completing a Leave Request Form and submitting it through their unit’s HRBP or via email to Leave Administration. The new leave request process ensures that employees can request the leave on their own directly in Workday, while maintaining the ability for local HR units to initiate a leave on behalf of an employee. If the latter process is used, the flow of documents and information will remain between the staff member and Leave Administration, regardless of HR Partner process initiation. While documentation supporting the need for LOA is still required, it may now be uploaded directly to Workday rather than sent via fax or email, which is a more secure method of submitting the documentation.


The new process went live in Workday on February 1, 2022. For instructions on how to request a leave of absence in Workday, please see this Quick Reference Guide. To learn more about our leave of absence policies and supporting documents required when requesting a leave, please visit the Leaves of Absence page on the Intranet. Please note, Academic Leave of Absence Process remains unchanged.


For Supervisors/Hiring Managers

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented staff is essential to the functioning of the Division. The form below are relevant to supervisors and hiring managers who seek to post a staff position.

Division of the Social Sciences HR Contacts

Christina Klespies, Senior Director of Human Resources
Marcele Leake, Senior HR Generalist
Jasmin Johnson, HR Generalist