Info For: Faculty

Faculty are drawn to the Division of the Social Sciences because of a fertile research environment that encourages and enables social scientists to stretch disciplinary boundaries, innovate with novel methods, and pursue ambitious research programs.

Academic Appointments & Tenure

Together with departments and the Office of the Provost, Divisional staff manage the academic review process for all faculty and other academic appointees, including pre-hire consultation on appointment types, search administration and recruitment, new hire on-boarding, reappointment, and promotion and tenure.

Faculty Governance

Divisional staff provide direct support to faculty appointed to Divisional governance roles, including department chairs, center directors, and faculty in other administrative leadership positions across a broad range of academic planning and administration.

Research Support

The Division's Social Sciences Research Center (SSRC) team provides comprehensive research development support to faculty in the Division of the Social Sciences, Harris School for Public Policy, and Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice with the goal of maximizing research productivity and impact. Services offered include developing strategic funding plans for faculty, research teams, and centers; communicating research priorities and funding opportunities; and assisting with proposal development and writing.

Joshua Beck, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Capital Planning
Cate Goebel, Associate Dean, Research and Strategic Initiatives
Katie Kaftanich, Director, Academic Appointments and Payroll
June Hou, Senior Associate Director of Research Development
Cheryl M. Danton, CIP IRB Managing Director
Bart Longacre, SSCS Director