Division Policies

Social Sciences Quad in Summer

SSD Disciplinary Procedure

The University of Chicago is a community of scholars dedicated to research, academic excellence, the pursuit and cultivation of learning, and robust intellectual exchange among faculty and students. Every member of the university —student, faculty, and staff—makes a commitment to strive for personal and academic integrity; to treat others with dignity and respect; to honor the rights and property of others; to take responsibility for individual and group behavior; and to act as a responsible citizen in a free academic community and in the larger society. Any student conduct, on or off campus, of individuals or groups, which threatens or violates this commitment may become a matter for action within the university’s system of student discipline. 

SSD Grievance Policy

The Division of the Social Sciences constitutes a community of scholars committed to free academic inquiry and exchange, both of which depend on forthright professional relations among students, faculty, and staff. Graduate training is a complex enterprise with many competing approaches and visions, which can generate legitimate concern and conflict about academic matters. The division has established policy to assist students who are seeking resolution of difficult interpersonal conflicts through informal and formal grievance procedures. These procedures consider complaints about academic impropriety that arise as a result of the actions of a member of the faculty or administration, or a Department or Program committee, regarding academic matters.