photos of alumni in residence participants over top of a network graphic

Social Sciences alumni are thought leaders not only in research and higher education but also across a wide range of organizations, industries, and interests. Their impressively varied pursuits and experiences offer broad frameworks and models for current graduate students considering their own career aspirations. Through this exciting Alumni-in-Residence (AiR) initiative, accomplished alumni will engage with the Division’s programs and students in myriad ways, including 1:1 conversations, engagements with departments and degree programs, group events, and other programming.

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Inaugural AiR Cohort (from left):
Brian Portnoy, PhD’00 Political Science), Founder, Shaping Wealth
Shali Wu, PhD’07 (Psychology), Professor of Business, Kyung Hee University [photo by University of Chicago (Honk Kong Campus)]
Wendy Edelberg, MBA’97, PhD’03 (Economics), MBA, Director, The Hamilton Project and Senior Fellow in Economic Studies, Brookings Institution
Alicia Menanteau, PhD’99 (Sociology), President/Moderator & Strategist, Insights360
Clay Risen, MA’01 (MAPSS), Reporter, The New York Times
David Bholat, PhD’12 (Anthropology), Director of the Transform the Bank Practice, and Head of Data Science and Advanced Analytics at Barclays UK [Photo by]
Neil Roberts, PhD’07 (Political Science), Chair and Professor of Africana Studies, Political Theory, and the Philosophy of Religion, Williams College
Pamela Paresky, PhD’05 (Psychology and Human Development), Senior Visiting Research Associate, Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge and Senior Scholar, Network Contagion Research Institute [photo by Graham Northrup]
Rochdi Younsi, PhD’03 (History), Senior Director of Middle East and North Africa, International Government Relations, Exxon Mobil Corporation