Resources and Initiatives

True innovation often happens when individual investigators come together to solve big questions. From single disciplinary efforts to multi-institutional undertakings, researchers bring enormous intellectual capital to bear in seeking answers to major global challenges. As part of a world-renowned institution dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of complex societal issues, SSRC is committed to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and pushing the boundaries of social science research. Our diverse range of resources and initiatives serve as a catalyst for groundbreaking discoveries and impactful change.

SSRC hosts a wide variety of Events to support social science research, including presentations on University resources, training workshops, and networking opportunities. We also post videos and event handouts whenever possible.

Open-concept research bullpens, active collaboration rooms, and team spaces facilitate the work of research teams on a diverse array of research projects—current Projects Housed at SSRC are coordinated by 10 faculty members and supported by more than $9.3M in active grants.

We created a collection of curated Research Resources, including research guides and links to myriad research support services at the University, designed to support scholars in their pursuit of knowledge.

Through Broader Impacts, researchers make immense contributions to not only our growing body of knowledge, but to society at large. SSRC aims to bring research out of the academy and into the world through its Facilitating Thought Leadership and Alumni-in-Residence programs. SSRC also works closely with the Office of Civic Engagement to connect faculty researchers with community partners.