Social Psychology

All students in the Social Psychology program must fulfill the departmental common graduate curriculum, including courses, research requirements and mentored teaching experiences.

The following requirements are in addition to the graduate curriculum required of all graduate students.

Social Psychology Area Requirements

1.  Students must take PSYC 40600: Proseminar in Social Psychology (an overview of social psychology)

2.  Students must attend the weekly social psychology talk series (PSYC 44600: Topics in Social Psychology) each quarter.

3. At least 3 seminars (in addition to PSYC 40600) in social psychology.

4. Students must present their trial research findings in the social psychology talk series.

5. A theory paper or a comprehensive exam. By the spring of the third year students must write and submit a theoretical review paper to their adviser and a reader. If you choose the theory paper option, this review could be a publishable article, suitable for a journal such as Psychological Bulletin or Personality and Social Psychology Review and will help in formulating the dissertation. Students will do a presentation of the theoretical review paper in the social psychology talk series by the end of their fourth year. If you choose the comprehensive exam, you will be provided a reading list by the end of your third year. You will take the exam in September of the fourth year (i.e., right before your start of the fourth year).

6. By the spring of the fourth year students should have proposed their dissertation. See instructions for forming this committee and proposing one’s dissertation here.