About the Program
The goal of the doctoral program in Cognitive Psychology is to train graduate students to be well-rounded researchers and scholars. Our unique approach fosters integrative thinking that crosses disciplinary boundaries, and focuses on research questions that have both theoretical and practical significance. Faculty, students, and post docs collaborate on projects spanning a variety of cognitive domains, such as human memory, language and communication, perception, attention and action, and conflict resolution and negotiation. Not only do we focus on fundamentally cognitive questions, but we also situate these questions within a broader context, including the biological bases and the social manifestations of cognitive phenomena. Our integrative approach allows graduate students to benefit from the university as a whole, by interacting with faculty from the Biological Sciences, the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Faculty Advisers in the Cognition Area: Edward S. Awh, Wilma A. Bainbridge, Akram Bakkour, Marc G. Berman, Jean Decety, David A. Gallo, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Leslie M. Kay, Boaz Keysar, Susan C. Levine, Yuan Chang Leong, Sarah London, Daniel Margoliash, Howard C. Nusbaum, Monica Rosenberg, Alex Shaw, Steven K. Shevell, Edward K. Vogel, Amanda Woodward, Jai Yu