Earl R. Franklin Research Fellowships

Call for Applications: Summer 2024 Research Support for Third-Year Psychology Majors

Applications due Monday, March 18

This research award will provide $4,000-$6,000 to support third year students majoring in Psychology to carry out psychological research during the summer before their fourth year.  The stipend is intended to cover summer living expenses so that the student can work on research in anticipation of continuing this research as a senior honors’ thesis project in the fourth year.

Eligible students (Psychology majors in their third year) can apply by submitting a brief (3-4 page) research proposal that explains the background and specific aims of the research project, the proposed methods that will be used, and the significance and implications of the research. The proposal should also include a brief description of the work to be carried out over the summer and how that work will contribute to the project's progress. Supporting materials to accompany the proposal should include:

  • a brief (1 page) personal statement covering career goals and interests that would be pursued after graduation, how the applicant’s course work has served in preparation of these goals, and a description of any relevant research experience.
  • a copy of your transcript (an unofficial copy is fine).
  • a letter of recommendation from your thesis advisor.

Selection of Earl Franklin Scholars will be based on:  (1) an evaluation of the research proposal and personal statement, (2) the strength of the letter of recommendation, (3) overall GPA, and (4) grades in Psychology courses. All application materials (excluding letters of recommendation) should be combined into one PDF and emailed to Kristi Schonwald, kschonwa@uchicago.edu, by Monday, March 18, 2024. Letters of recommendation should be emailed to directly by the writer to the same address, kschonwa@uchicago.edu.

Note: Fellowship recipients cannot receive simultaneous support from other grants or sources unless such payment is approved by the Psychology Department’s Undergraduate Student Affairs and Curriculum Committee.