Psych Graduate Student Organization

The Psychology Graduate Students Organization (PGSO) is a group designed to support the academic and social experience of everyone in the University of Chicago Psychology Department. The organization was initially formed in 1991 to help foster professional and social relationships amongst students as well as between students and faculty.

All psychology graduate students are encouraged to attend PGSO's quarterly meeting and participate in all our events. The PGSO maintains a website for announcements and general information for members. If you have any questions or issues accessing the PGSO website, please contact the webmaster at <>.

Officers 2023-24:
President: Henry Jones
Co-Treasurers: Anna Corriveau and Euan Prentis
Secretary: Tesnim Arar
Mentorship & Orientation Coordinators: Sabina Raja and Molly Tallberg 

Academic and Career Development Committee: Tesnim Arar, chair

The Academic Life Committee’s purpose is to address issues in student academic life, both those identified by students as well as by faculty. We hope to foster change in the department by improving communication about academic issues both among students, and between students and faculty through quarterly meetings. The Professional Development Committee is generally responsible for spearheading efforts to bring information about career options/training to students. This can be in the form of Student-Faculty events, training workshops, external speakers, and reception events following the department's colloquia.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Michelle Madlansacay, Vanessa Lazaro, co-chairs; Grace Haung, Henry Jones, Dania Smithstein, members. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s purpose is to promote initiatives that support inclusion and equity and address aspects of identity that may impact the graduate student experience. These include initiatives pertaining to an individual's race, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, and/or sexual orientation.

Health and Wellness Committee: Anita Restrepo, chair.

This committee will organize events and provide information about physical and mental wellness resources at the University. The committee also oversees the PGSO intramurals team.

Social Committee: Katie Vasquez, chair.

The social committee is responsible for spearheading efforts to enhance the social relationships between students. This includes on- and off-campus events, including pub nights, holiday parties, etc.

Travel and Research Committee:

The travel and research committee is responsible for allocating funds to PGSO members for research-related travel and for conducting studies.

Unionization Committee: Henry Jones, chair.

The unionization committee's purpose is to liaison with the Graduate Student Union (GSU) and unionization efforts on campus.