Politico – Mark Hansen discusses President Biden’s choices post-debate

July 1, 2024

Mark Hansen

On Thursday, President Joe Biden’s debate performance sent Democrats straight into crisis mode: Nothing about his demeanor, from his shaky voice, to his pallid skin, to his meandering answers and head-scratching non sequiturs, served to reassure voters worried that his age meant he wasn’t up for another four years on the job.

On Friday, at a rally in Raleigh, there was a dramatically different Biden on display, energetic and forceful, as he tried to quell the tsunami of panic emanating from his party compatriots — many of whom are wondering if he needs to step down.

Now, Democrats are gaming out whether Biden should withdraw from the race — or if there’s a way he can get back on track and still beat former President Donald Trump.

With that in mind, we reached out to a group of top political thinkers: After Biden’s debate performance, what advice would you give to the president, his inner circle or the Democratic Party about what to do next?

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