The department's graduate training prepares its students to compete for the country's top academic positions and postdoctoral fellowships, as well as careers in the private sector, non-profit organizations, and government.

The department offers numerous resources for preparing graduate students for the job market, including faculty-led professionalization workshops throughout the year. UChicagoGRAD offers a robust program of events and workshops designed to help students discern career paths and to help with career development.

If you are an alumnus of the program, reach out to Marcy Krause ( with your current information and position.

Placement History

Byun, Joshua, International Relations
Post-Doc, University of Pennsylvania
Asst. Professor, Boston College

Cole, Geneva, American Politics
Post-Doc, William & Mary
Asst. Professor, University of Arizona

James, Chandler, American Politics
Asst. Professor, University of Oregon

Slupek, Agatha, Political Theory
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Asst. Professor, Western Michigan University

Yu, Zeyang (Arthur), Methods
Post-Doc, Princeton University
Asst. Professor, Princeton University

Bates, Genevieve, Comparative
Asst. Professor, University of British Columbia

Chinchilla, Alexandra, International Relations
Post-Doc, Dickey Center, Dartmouth College
Asst. Professor, Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Service

Cooley, Scott, American Politics
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago

Davies, Jordie, American Politics/ Political Theory
Post-Doc, Johns Hopkins University
Asst. Professor of Political Science, UC Irvine

Flores, Alejandro (Alex), American Politics
Post-Doc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Asst. Professor, University of Maryland – College Park

Kim, Minju, International Relations
Post-Doc, University of California, San Diego
Asst. Professor, Syracuse University

Sajid, Fahad, Comparative
Private Sector, University of Chicago

Sheng, Yubing, International Relations
Private Sector, Stimson Center

Shirodkar, Aditi, Comparative/Political Theory
Private Sector

Ahrens, Stephanie, Theory
Post-Doc, Princeton University

Bartoletti, Andrea, IR
Post-Doc, Stanford University

Benjamin, Jasmine, American
Private Sector

Campbell-Seremetis, Nicholas, IR
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
University of Notre Dame (2021)

Deming, Mark, Comparative
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago

Erol, Onursal, Comparative
Post-Doc, University of Southern California

Haskins, Alex, Theory
Asst. Professor, Wheaton College

Heffernan, Ann, Theory
Post-Doc, University of Michigan
Asst. Professor, 
University of Michigan (2021)

Jenkins, Gentry, IR
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Visiting Asst. Professor, 
Brigham Young University (2021)

Katzenstein, Emily, Theory
Post-Doc, Oxford University

Lee, Doyoung, IR
Post-Doc, University of California, San Diego (2021)

Mekawy, Yasmeen, Comparative
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago

Noll, RayTheory
Post-Doc, Northwestern University

Piano, Natasha, Theory
Post-Doc, University of Chicago
Asst. Professor, UCLA

Rhone, Karen Ellis, IR
Private Sector

Sultan, Nazmul, Theory
Post-Doc, Cambridge University
Asst. Professor, 
University of British Columbia (2022)

Arzuaga, FabianTheory
Visiting Asst. Professor, William & Mary

Blajer de la Garza, Yuna, Theory 
Post-Doc, Stanford University
Asst. Professor, 
Loyola University Chicago (2021)

Chase-Sosnoff, Eric, American
Private Sector

Galloway, Samuel, Theory
Lecturer, SUNY, Purchase College
Asst. Professor, 
SUNY, Purchase College (2020)

Gonzalez, Alfredo, American
Asst. Professor, California State University-Dominguez Hills

Grinberg, Mariya, IR
Post-Doc, Stanford University
Asst. Professor, 
MIT (2020)

Islas Weinstein, Tania, Comparative
Asst. Professor, University of Colorado, Denver
Asst. Professor, 
McGill University (2020)

Jackson, Jennifer, American
Asst. Professor, Syracuse University

Jaffrey, Sana, Comparative
Post-Doc, National University of Singapore

Levine, WilliamTheory
Post-Doc, University of Goettingen
University of Frankfurt (2021)

Parasher, Tejas, Theory
Post-Doc, Cambridge University
Asst. Professor, 
UCLA (2022)

Pinheiro, Lucas, Theory
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Post-Doc, Dartmouth College (2021)
Asst. Professor, 
Bard College (2022)

Rosol, Michael, IR

Savel, Meg, American
Private Sector

Bevel, Sherri, American
Private Sector, Director of Training, Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence (2018)

Carlos, Roberto, American
Post-Doc, University of Pennsylvania
Asst. Professor, 
University of Georgia (2019)

Hwang, In Hyee, Comparative
Research Fellow, Yonsei University

Ibarra, Juan Fernando, Comparative
Asst. Professor, Colgate University (2016)

Kelley, Stephanie, IR

Lee, Yeonju, Comparative
Post-Doc, Harvard University
Asst. Professor, Waseda University (2019)
Asst. Professor, Georgetown University, Walsh School in Foreign Service (2022)

Lopez, Ramon, Theory
Post-Doc, Furman University

Mir, Asfandyar, IR
Post-Doc, Stanford University

Popescu, Bogdan, Comparative
Post-Doc, Princeton University

Reamer, Robert, Theory
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicagoor 
Visiting Asst. Profess, 
Oberlin College (2020)

Siegman, Jeremy, Comparative
Lecturer, Harvard University

Slack, Matthew, IR
Military, U.S. Air Force

Üsküp, Dilara, American
Visiting Asst. Professor, Scripps College
Post-Doc, University of California, Los Angeles (2020)

Weng, Kevin, IR
Post-Doc, CIR, University of Chicago

Zaffini, Sarita, Theory
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago 

Ang, Milena, Comparative
Harper Schmidt Fellow, University of Chicago
Asst. Professor, 
Univ. of Texas, San Antonio (2020) 

Arlen, Gordon, Theory
Post-Doc, University of Amsterdam
Post-Doc, Goethe University Frankfurt (2020)
Visiting Asst. Professor, Swarthmore College (2021) 

Blair, Amanda, Theory
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago (2017)
Private Sector, 
US Institute of Peace (2018)

Board, Marcus, American
Asst. Professor, Georgetown University 

Cost, Jay, Theory
Private SectorSenior Writer, The Weekly Standard
Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Levinson, Chad, American
Post-Doc, Williams College (2017)
Asst. Professor, 
Virginia Tech (2018)

Lindquist, Kathryn, IR
Private Sector

Mackinnon, Emma, Theory
Post-Doc, Cambridge University
Emmanuel College, Cambridge University (2020)

Maher, Amanda, Theory
Visiting Asst. Professor, Drexel University (2018)

Park, Nara, Comparative
Research Professor, Yonsei University 

Rashed, Dina, Comparative
Private Sector, Senior Advisor, International Partnerships, University of Chicago

Bass, Alexandra, American
Private Sector, Research Associate, Shapiro+Raj

Berk, Christopher, Theory
Post-Doc, University of Virginia
Asst. Professor, 
George Mason University (2019)

Campi, Ashleigh, Theory
Visiting Lecturer, Scripps College (2016)
Lecturer, Univ. of Southern California (2017)
Visiting Asst. Professor, 
Loyola Marymount University

Choi, Jinbaek, Comparative
Private Sector

Fenner, Sofia, Comparative
Asst. Professor, Bryn Mawr College
Asst. Professor, 
Colorado College (2020)

Ford, Joseph, IR
Post-Doc, University of Notre Dame

Harris, Allison, American
Post-Doc, Princeton University (2016)
Asst. Professor, Pennsylvania State (2017)
Asst. Professor, Yale University (2019)

Hundman, Eric, IR
Post-Doc, Dartmouth College
Asst. Professor, 
NYU Shanghai (2017)

Jiang, Junyan, Comparative
Post-Doc, University of Pennsylvania
Asst. Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2017)
Asst. Professor, Columbia University (2020)

Kaplan, Morgan, IR
Post-Doc, Harvard University
Post-Doc, Northwestern University (2017)
Private Sector, Executive Editor, International Security (2019)

Klein, Steven, Theory
Post-Doc, European University Institute
Asst. Professor, 
University of Florida (2017)

Luban, Dan, Theory
Post-Doc, Yale University
Junior Research Fellow, 
University College, Oxford

Nichanian, Daniel, Theory
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Senior Research Fellow, 
Justice Collaborative/Fair Punishment Project (2018)

Porter, Ethan, American
Asst. Professor, George Washington 

Valentine, Robert, IR
Private Sector, War on the Rocks (2018)

Benson, David, IR
Post-Doc, Southern Methodist University (2015)
Asst. Professor, 
SASS Maxwell AFB (2016)

Fairdosi, Amir, American
Lecturer, University of Chicago (2014)
Senior Fellow, Dartmouth (2015)
Visiting Asst. Professor, Georgetown University (2016)
Lecturer and Assoc., Penn State (2017)

Research Scholar, Yale University (2019)

Harrington, Jaira, Comparative
Post-Doc, Wake Forest University
Post-Doc, Fulbright (Brazil) (2017)
Asst. Professor, Villanova University (2018)
Asst. Professor, 
University of Illinois Chicago (2020)

Hernandez-Company, Jose, Comparative
Asst. Professor, Monterrey Institute of Technology

Johnson, Sarah, Theory
Visiting Asst. Professor, Amherst College
Harper Schmidt Fellow, 
University of Chicago (2017)

Ki, Youn, Comparative
Asst. Professor, Miami of Ohio University

Kim, DJ, IR
Asst. Professor, Yale-National Univ. of Singapore

Knight, Lindsay, Theory
Private Sector: 
Experimental Station (2015)
Center for Data Science & Public Policy (2015)
Noble Network of Charter Schools (2016)

Lesure, Ainsley, Theory
Post-Doc, University of Chicago (2015)
Asst. Professor, 
Occidental College (2016)

Magruder, Daniel, IR

McFadden, Tanner, Theory
Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Leiden (2015)
Faculty Fellow, 
Montana State University (2016)

Nikolova, Boriana, Comparative
Assoc. Lecturer, CREECA, University of Wisconsin

Ploof, Rebecca, Theory
Lecturer, Harvard University
Asst. Professor, 
Leiden University (2021)

Schmidt, Sebastian, IR
Asst. Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Zamkanei, Shayna, Theory
Post-Doc, Univ. of Michigan (2016)
Princeton University

Bilgel, Yasemin, IR
Lecturer, Bahcesehir University

Dean, Adam, IR
Asst. Professor, Middlebury College
Asst. Professor, 
George Washington University (2017)

Gerzhoy, Gene, IR
Post-Doc, Harvard University (2014)
Congressional Fellow, APSA (2015)
Policy Advisor, Senator Edward J. Markey
Bain and Company (2017)

Kessler-Mata, Kouslaa, Theory
Asst. Professor, University of San Francisco

McKinney, Claire , Theory
Post-Doc, Washington University (2014)
Asst. Professor, 
College of William and Mary (2015)

Moffett-Bateau, Alexandra, American
Asst. Professor, CUNY John Jay

Obert, Jonathan, Comparative
Asst. Professor, Amherst College

Pratt Rosato, Susan, IR
Visiting Asst. Professor, University of Notre Dame

Sandoval, Claudia, American
Post-DocUniversity of Illinois (2014)
Asst. Professor, 
Loyola Marymount (2015)

Sellers, Joshua, American
Post-Doc, Syracuse University (2014)
Asst. Professor, 
University of Oklahoma College of Law (2015)

Staisch, Matthias, IR
Post-Doc, University of Chicago

Stevenson, John, IR
Senior Researcher, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, University of Maryland (2014)
Principal Research Scientist, 
NSI, Inc (2016)

Viedma, Manuel, Comparative
Private Sector, Associate Director, Center for International Social Science Research, University of Chicago (2016)

Warner, Travis, Comparative

Wood, Thomas, American
Asst. Professor , Ohio State University

Abebe, Daniel , IR
Asst. Professor, University of Chicago Law School (2008)
Professor, University of Chicago Law School (2013)
Professor, University of Chicago Law School (2016)
Deputy Dean

Dobard, JohnTheory
Private Sector, Political Voice

Hirose, Kentaro, IR
Post-Doc, Princeton University (2013)
Asst. Professor, 
Waseda University (2015)

Kim, Diana , Comparative
Post-Doc, Harvard University (2013)
Asst. Professor, 
Georgetown University (2016)

Lee, Yuen-Ching Bellette, Comparative
Post-Doc, UC Los Angeles (2012)
UC Los Angeles (2016)

McIntosh, Christopher, IR
Visiting Asst. Professor, Bard College

Merseth, Julie Lee, American
Post-DocIndiana University (2013)
Asst. Professor, 
Northwestern University (2014)

O'Rourke, Lindsey, IR
Post-Doc, Dartmouth College (2013)
Asst. Professor, 
Boston College (2014)

Parkinson, Sarah, Comparative
Asst. Professor, University of Minnesota (2013)
Asst. Professor, 
Johns Hopkins University (2016)

Pegahi, Negeen, IR
Asst. Professor, U.S. Naval War College

Smith, Nicholas Rush, Comparative
Asst. Professor, CUNY CCNY

Butt, Ahsan , IR
Asst. Professor, George Mason University (2012)
Assoc. Professor, 
George Mason University (2018)

Cochran, Shawn, IR

Go, Min Hee, American
Asst. Professor, William Patterson (2012)
Asst. Professor, 
CUNY, Brooklyn (2013)

Grant, Daragh, Comparative
Collegiate Asst. Professor, University of Chicago (2012)
Lecturer, Harvard University (2015)
Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago

Kelanic, Rosemary, IR
Post-Doc, George Washington University (2012)
Asst. Professor, Williams College (2013)
Asst. Professor, 
University of Notre Dame (2017)

Ponce De Leon Albuerne, Christian, Comparative
Post-Doc, Princeton University

Rogowski, Jon, American
Asst. Professor, Washington University (2012)
Asst. Professor, Harvard University (2016)

Rohlfs, Stephanie, Theory
Private Sector, Attorney, Paul Hastings (Latin America & Corporate)

Ruby, Keven, IR
Post-Doc, University of Chicago

Simmons, Erica, Comparative
Asst. Professor, Univ. of Wisconsin (2012)
Assoc. Professor, 
Univ. of Wisconsin (2018)

Storey, Ian, Theory
Post-Doc, Bard College (2012)
Harvard University

Weir, Bonnie, IR
Asst. Professor, Univ. of Illinois
Research Associate, MacMillan Center (2015)
Yale University (2015)

Duquette, Lauren, Comparative
Post-Doc, UC Los Angeles (2011)
Asst. Professor, UC Los Angeles (2013)
Asst. Professor, 
Wayne State University

Fischel, Joseph, Theory
Post-Doc, Brown University (2011)
Asst. ProfessorY, ale University (2012)
Assoc. Professor, 
Yale University (2017)

Guerrero, Marissa, American
Private Sector, Associate Director, Arbella Advisors

Han, Jennie, Theory
Post-Doc, Bard College (2011)
Asst. Professor, 
SUNY Oswego

Holthoefer, Anne, IR
Post-Doc, University of Chicago (2011)
Visiting Asst. Professor, St. Anselm College (2015)
Asst. Professor, 
St. Anselm College (2017)

Jordan, Jennifer, IR
Post-Doc., University of Chicago (2011)
Asst. Professor, Georgia Tech (2012)
Assoc. Professor, 
Georgia Tech

Kadercan, C. Burak, IR
Visiting Asst. Professor, University of Richmond (2010)
Asst. Professor, University of Barcelona (2011)
Asst. Professor, U.S. Naval War College (2014)
Assoc. Professor, U.S. Naval War College (2017)

Michener, Jamila, American
Robert Wood Johnson Scholar, University of Michigan (2011)
Asst. Professor, 
Cornell University (2013)

Serra, Joan, Comparative
Private Sector

Tyson, Vanessa, American
Asst. Professor, Dickinson College (2008)
Asst. Professor, Scripps College (2015) 
Assoc. Professor, 
Scripps College

Balz, John, American
Private Sector, Behaviorial Marketing Manager, Opower

Goldman, Loren, Theory
Post-Doc, Rutgers University (2010)
Post-Doc, UC Berkeley (2011)
Visiting Asst. Professor, Ohio University (2013)
Asst. Professor, 
University of Pennsylvania (2016)

Harrington, Anne I., IR
Post-Doc, Monterey Inst. of International Studies (2010)
Congressional Fellow, APSA (2013)
Researcher, RTH Zurich (2015)
Lecturer, Cardiff University (2016)

Meckstroth, Christopher, Theory
Lecturer, Harvard University (2010)
Lecturer, University of Cambridge (2013)
Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge (2017)

Mehta, Mona, Comparative
Asst. Professor, Scripps College (2010)
Asst. Professor, 
Indian Inst. Of Technology (2012)

Meierding, Emily, IR
Asst. Professor, University of Geneva (2010)
Asst. Professor, 
Naval Postgraduate School (2016)

Schiff, Jade, Theory
Visiting Scholar, University of Toronto (2010)
Asst. Professor, 
Oberlin College (2012)