Newberry Consortium in American Indian and Indigenous Studies Summer Institute

Approaching Native American Historiography: Confronting Past and Contemporary Understandings of the Field of Native American History

July 08, 2024 – August 02, 2024

Dr. Marcus Macktima (San Carlos Apache), Northern Arizona University Dr. John Little (Standing Rock Dakota), University of South Dakota

The 2024 NCAIS Summer Institute focuses on changes and approaches to writing Native American history since the late nineteenth century. Participants will examine the field of Native American historiography from a variety of historians, scholars, anthropologists, academics, and activists to understand how the field has changed and developed over time. Key questions that will be asked: What is the purpose of Native American history? What are the politics of writing Native American history? Who can or cannot write Native history? How does that history or research influence Native communities? What are the ethics and responsibilities associated with writing Native American history?

The NCAIS Summer Institute is a four-week-long intensive graduate course held during the summer at The Newberry Library in Chicago. Participants are provided with housing in Chicago, receive a $600 living stipend, and will be reimbursed for travel expenses up to $600. Leftover funding will be used to more fully reimburse students whose travel accommodations exceed this amount. If you have questions about the institute, please contact

Interested students should apply directly to the Faculty Liaison Matthew Kruer ( by March 8, 2024.