Econometrics Workshop

Fall 2023

This workshop is in-person only for the Fall 2023 quarter and meets Wednesdays from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm in SHFE 112. For questions, please contact Events Manager Jessica Dalka.

September 27
Desire Kedagni, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Robust identification in difference-in-differences Models”

October 4
Chen Qiu, Cornell University
"Treatment Choice with Nonlinear Regret" (Joint with Toru Kitagawa and Simon Lee)

October 11
Bruce Hansen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Jackknife standard errors for clustered regression"

October 18
Michael Leung, UC Santa Cruz 
“Unconfoundedness with Network Interference”

October 25
Rosa Matzkin, UCLA
"On the Identification of Economic Models"

November 1
Max Cytrynbaum, Yale University 
Optimal Stratification of Survey Experiments” 

November 8
Lihua Lei, Stanford University
"Model-Agnostic Covariate-Assisted Inference on Partially Identified Causal Effects"

November 15
Thomas Russell, Carleton University
"A Dual Approach to Wasserstein-Robust Counterfactuals" (w/ Jiaying Gu)

November 29
Eric Mbakop, University of Calgary, Ohio State University
"Identification in Some Discrete Choice Models: A Computational Approach"