Becker Applied Economics Workshop

Fall 2023

This workshop is in-person only for the Fall 2023 quarter and meets Mondays from 3:00 - 4:20 p.m. CDT in SHFE 146. For questions, please contact Events Manager Jessica Dalka

Event Organizers: Jack Mountjoy, Evan Rose

October 16
Jack Mountjoy
"Marginal Returns to Public Universities"

October 23
Amanda Pallais
“The Power of Proximity to Coworkers: Training for Tomorrow or Productivity Today” with Natalia Emanuel and Emma Harrington

October 30
Jessie Handbury
Demographic Differences in Social Exposure to High-Income People” with Victor Couture, Jonathan Dingel and Allison Green

November 6
John Eric Humphries, Yale University
"Parents' Labor Supply and the Social Return to Universal Pre-Kindergarten" (with Christopher Neilson, Xiaoyang Ye, and Seth Zimmerman)

November 13
Dan Waldinger, NYU
"Right-to-Counsel and Rental Housing Markets: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from New York" (joint with Robert Collinson, John Eric Humphries, Stephanie Kestelman, Scott Nelson, and Winnie Van Dijk)