Building Access and Reservations

Building Access - Saieh Hall for Economics
  • Regular business hours for Saieh Hall are 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The building is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • All Saieh Hall employees are granted 24/7 access to the building and their designated workspace according to their respective department affiliation.
  • New Saieh Hall employees and official visitors must go to Regenstein Library to get their University ID after onboarding. They must then bring the ID back to Kayla Partacz, at SHFE 401A, to gain access to the building.
  • Visitors who need access to the building outside of normal business hours may request use of a Short Term Access Card (STA card). Requests for Economics Department visitors must be approved by Sherry Manick or Kayla Partacz. Requests for BFI visitors must be approved by Faidat Brimah. Visitor office keys can be received from Kayla Partacz (Econ) or Faidat Brimah (BFI). Please note that all STA cards and any visitor office keys must be returned upon departure.
  • C-BORD system administrator access for Saieh Hall will be given to two staff members per occupying department.
  • All offices should be locked when not occupied. Windows in offices should be kept closed and locked at all times and only opened in case of emergency.
  • Doors should not be propped open. Any unsecured doors should be reported to Kayla Partacz at
Events in Saieh Hall

Saieh Hall for Economics’ primary function is for academic use with space precedence going to courses, workshops, and departmental meetings. Both University groups and outside groups may request use of space within the building depending on availability. The terms for reserving space in Saieh Hall are outlined below:

  • We continue to adhere to University guidelines regarding COVID. For the latest guidance, please visit in the UChicagoForward website.
  • The Registrar has control over all classrooms in Saieh Hall from 7am-7pm on weekdays throughout the academic year. All requests for classroom space during this time must be directed to the Registrar’s Office at
  • To request use of conference rooms or after hours classroom reservations, please complete the SHFE Room Request form and send it to Kayla Partacz via email at
  • Please note: All events that take place outside of regular business hours must hire UC Security to be present for the duration of the event (fees apply). This must be arranged through the safety & security website ( Once this has been arranged, a copy of the confirmation should be sent to Kayla Partacz via email at Your reservation is pending until security is confirmed.
  • Weekend events that have food and/or drink must hire custodial services. There are two options available: one-time trash pick-up at the end of the event or a custodian present for the duration of the event (fees vary). It is recommended for all day events to hire a custodian for the duration of the event as they will monitor/clean bathrooms, common areas, etc. Cleaning service requests can be submitted through the Facilities Services website: ( Please note your preference in the Details of Request field. Once this has been arranged, a copy of the confirmation should be sent to Kayla Partacz via email at
  • When a space is reserved in Saieh Hall, the group making the reservation is responsible for arranging anything additional that they may need (tables, AV, catering, etc.). It is also the responsibility of the event host to ensure that the room is used responsibly and that the furniture is returned to its proper place if moved. We do not have event staff or services like those provided elsewhere on campus.
  • Room Capacities, as determined by the University, must be followed at all times.

SHFE 021-Large Lecture- Cap. 92

SHFE 101-Small Conference- Cap. 12

SHFE 102- Seminar- Cap. 13

SHFE 103-Seminar- Cap. 29

SHFE 112- Conference- Cap. 30

SHFE 141- Seminar- Cap. 24

SHFE 146- Large Lecture- Cap. 79

SHFE 201- Lounge- Cap. 52

SHFE 203- Lecture- Cap. 48

  • Additional information will be given to the event host regarding Saieh Hall’s requirements at the time the room reservation is requested.
  • Failure to follow these policies will result in loss of Saieh reservations privileges for the group.

To request a room for use in Saieh Hall, please complete the Saieh Hall for Economics Room Request Form found here.

Please email completed form to Kayla Partacz, Building Manager, at 

Completion of this form does not guarantee room availability. Following your form submission, you will be contacted to learn the status of your request or for more information.

In Case of Emergency

  • Emergency access requests to Saieh Hall for Economics can be sent to Kayla Partacz for approval via email at
  • For Saieh Hall occupants: If you are locked out of your office during the hours of 8am-4pm please contact Kayla Partacz or Sherry Manick. For after hours, if there is no staff members available in your department with a master key, please call campus facilities at 4-1414. Please note that the office door may be unlocked for a fee.
  • To report any building issues, please contact Kayla Partacz. For after hours’ instances, call campus facilities at 4-1414.
  • To report any suspicious activities, threats, crimes, or emergencies, call the University of Chicago Police Department from any on-campus telephone by dialing 123. If you are reporting a University emergency using a cell phone dial 773.702.8181.

Additional inquiries regarding security and access to Saieh Hall for Economics may be directed to:

Kayla Partacz
Building Manager
Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics
Office Location: Saieh Hall for Economics, 436
5757 S. University Ave. Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773.834.5240 | Email:

Sherry Manick
Director of Finance, Operations and Personnel
Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics
Office Location:
Saieh Hall for Economics, 424
5757 S. University Ave. Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773.834.1679 | Email:

Faidat Brimah
Director of Finance and Operations
Becker Friedman Institute
Office Location:
Saieh Hall for Economics, 122
5757 S. University Ave. Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773.834.5984 | Email:


Building Management for Saieh Hall for Economics recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for all faculty, staff, visitors, and external occupants. The principal objective of this document is to outline our policies for achieving this goal.