How Do I...?

abstract sculpture in front of building
A photograph of a Dialogo Sculpture outside Albert Pick Hall on the UChicago Hyde Park campus

…become a history major? 

Make an appointment to talk with History’s Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and complete the history major form, ideally no later than the start of your third year. 

…become a history minor? 

Contact History’s Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and complete the minor declaration form, ideally no later than the end of the third year.  

…petition for a course to count as a history major requirement? 

History majors are strongly urged to fulfill all requirements by choosing courses with a HIST course number.  Occasionally, students may wish to count a non-History course toward their major. In those cases, students must submit a petition for History credit and attach supporting materials including a syllabus and relevant course work. In general, no more than two petitions will be approved for any major. History minors must fulfill their requirements with HIST courses only.  

…declare my major field and track? 

The deadline for declaring your major field and track within the history major is the end of Week 6 in Winter Quarter of your 3rd year. You’ll hear from us before then about how to do this! In the meantime, you can see our list of approved thematic and geographic major fields. However, if there is a field you’d like to pursue that isn’t on the list, you can petition for approval.  

…graduate with Honors? 

History gives departmental honors to Thesis Track students who meet two requirements: a major GPA of 3.7 or higher, and a nomination from their thesis advisor. 

…find out more about study abroad? 

We encourage you to study abroad! You should meet with History’s academic advisor to discuss filling major requirements as soon as you know your plans—particularly if you will be abroad in your third year and want to complete a thesis or capstone. 

…find out more about internships and other opportunities for history majors? 

Check out our Opportunities page for more about internships and other opportunities.   

…get information about graduate school? 

History majors have pursued graduate training at top institutions in the United States and abroad. In addition to PhD programs in history, students have studied law, public policy, public history, museum studies, library science, business, medicine, and social work. If you have questions about the process (or just want to talk through your ideas), History’s Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies can direct you to the appropriate resources.