CHSS/Fishbein Workshop
In conjunction with the Fishbein Center, CHSS conducts a workshop in the history and philosophy of science, known as HPSS. Every other Friday, CHSS sponsors the History of Human Sciences Workshop, an informal luncheon seminars at which faculty, students, and visitors come together to discuss their work. A calendar listing these and related events is available on this web site. Announcements concerning these events are also posted to the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) e-mail list (to be included on this list, write the Director of the Fishbein Center).

Seminar on Important Things
Every other Friday, CHSS students meet for an informal seminar, the Seminar on Important Things, from noon to 1:30. Although attendance for those beyond the second year is not required, the seminar remains an active forum for all CHSS and interested students. The seminar provides an opportunity to explore areas of research outside a student’s particular field. The texts discussed each quarter are chosen by the students, and the seminar itself is facilitated by several faculty members and post-doctoral fellows, who participate on an equal footing. Recent topics have included the works of Pierre Duhem, Francis Bacon, Michel Foucault, and have ranged over areas concerning the social construction of science and the interactions of science, literature, and art. The discussions occur at noon and a free lunch is provided (which demonstrates to our Economics Department that such is possible).

Please refer to the SOIT website for more information on the current readings and discussions.

Group of people listening in room
A photo of UChicago students and faculty engaged in a discussion during a CHSS workshop