Computational Social Science

Data science specialist Michael Franklin to lead computer science at UChicago

As part of a plan to greatly increase the scale, scope and impact of computer science research and education across the University community, the University of Chicago has appointed prominent data science scholar Michael Franklin to chair its Department of Computer Science and to serve as senior advisor to the provost on computation and data science.


According to David Nirenberg, Dean of the Division of the Social Sciences,

Computational Social Sciences Workshop: Anand Sarwate

In this talk I will talk about some of the models of opinion formation that started in the work of French and Harary in the 50s but took off after DeGroot proposed his averaging model for the merging of opinion.  I'll discuss how that work has impacted different fields, from robotics to social network modeling, and discuss some of my own work in this space.  Many of the models emphasize the qualitative aspects of reaching a consensus, in the sense that they talk about how behaviors scale with the network parameters.  There are some interesting open statistical questions about how to bring o