Cognitive Development

Preferences, Choices, and Thinking about Thinking

Being able to infer what other people might be thinking is an essential skill for successfully navigating social interactions, allowing us to explain and predict others’ behavior and helping guide our interactions with social partners. The basic beliefs people have about how others’ minds work is called “theory of mind,” and developing theory of mind skills is an important component of children’s social cognitive development.

Effects Of Exploration And Maternal Influence On Cognitive Development In Free-Ranging Rhesus Macaques

From the moment we are born, we are forced to make sense of our environment, and it is by exploring our environment that we are able to gather information about increasingly larger spaces, domains, and relationships. The onset of independent locomotion is known to facilitate a pervasive set of changes in perception, spatial cognition, and social and emotional development, but the details of this process or whether there are any lasting effects is still unclear.