US-China Policy Reaches Delicate Phase, Scholars Say

Jann Ingmire
Photo Credit: 
Courtesy of Tsinghua University

As China and the United States engage in a dispute over China’s recent proclamation of a new “air defense identification zone,” University of Chicago scholars say the clash illustrates the increasingly complicated geopolitical pressures between these two major powers.

It’s still unclear what path such disputes will take. Political Science Professor Robert Pape says the two nations have powerful incentives to resolve their differences peacefully, while Professor John Mearsheimer believes the risk of military involvement will increase as both nations try to maximize their share of world power.

Both scholars explained their views during a recent conference, “Geopolitics and Beyond: New Ideas for U.S.–Chinese Strategic Cooperation.” The event, sponsored by the UChicago Center in Beijing, Fudan University and Tsinghua University, explored the rise of China’s power in the world and how academic scholars from both nations can work together to expand and strengthen the intellectual foundation for cooperation between China and the U.S.

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