International enterprise: UChicago honors its Latin American research roots

Claire Zulkey
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Katz Center for Mexican Studies, Special Collection Research Center University of Chicago Library,

When the International Reunion of Historians of Mexico was held in Querétaro in 2010, the event’s Mexican constituents named Friedrich Katz, the Morton D. Hull Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of History, conference president. The honor, says history professor Emilio Kourí, was akin to declaring Katz an honorary Mexican citizen.

Katz, author of the seminal book The Life and Times of Pancho Villa (Stanford University Press, 1998), died shortly before the conference took place, but the legacy of his career lives on at the Katz Center for Mexican Studies, established in 2004. Katz not only studied Mexico but also empowered Mexican academics, says Kourí, “His love of Mexico was institutionalized at the University of Chicago.”

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