Announcing CISSR'S 2018-2019 Faculty Fellows

CISSR proudly welcomes its newest Faculty Fellows. Beginning in July of 2018, awards to five faculty in Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, and the Harris School of Public Policy will facilitate research taking place on four continents.


The 2018-19 cohort of fellows engages new questions about inherently transnational processes, spanning topics like: Mexico’s often overlooked French heritagecapital flows through global markets, the relationship between prison gangs and nearby slum communities, the relevance of road networks for state capacity and citizenship, and the complexities of transitioning from authoritarianism to meaningful democracy.


Through competitive renewal awards, projects by 2017-18 Fellows Boaz Keysar (Psychology), Alan Kolata (Anthropology) and Sabina Shaikh (Social Science Collegiate Division and Harris School), and Michael Albertus (Political Science) will continue to receive CISSR support into new phases of their work -- extensions that involve topical shifts, expanding geographic scope, and new plans for the publication and dissemination of findings.


This year, the CISSR board responded to an unmet need by developing a new funding mechanism: CISSR Monograph Enhancement Awards. Awarded on a competitive basis and assessed on a rolling deadline, these small awards can be used to offset a variety of costs that are often essential to the timely completion of highest quality book manuscripts -- obligatory press subsidies, open-access subvention fees, translations, indexing, permissions, cartographic services, specialty typesetting, etc.


Our first Monograph Enhancement Award recipients are Kazuo Yamaguchi (Sociology) and Angie Heo (Divinity School). CISSR support will facilitate a Japanese to English translation of Professor Yamaguchi’s award-winning book Gender Inequality in the Japanese Workplace. Professor Heo’s forthcoming book The Political Lives of Saints: Christian-Muslim Mediation in Egypt will now include proprietary maps and professional Arabic transliteration services.


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