Institutes & Centers

Historically, a particularly strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and collaboration distinguishes the University of Chicago among top research institutions.


Sometimes a building makes all the difference—whether it is the sophisticated air handling units in the Biopsychological Sciences Building or the renovation of a library in the former Chicago Theological Seminary building—our Institutes co-locate faculty offices, specialized research facilities, and optimized collaboration spaces.  

Research Centers

True innovation often happens when faculty and researchers cross disciplinary boundaries, gaining important insight through multiple, varying perspectives in UChicago’s more than 140 institutes and centers. Those directly affiliated with the Division of the Social Sciences are as follows:

Areas Studies Centers

In the mid-twentieth century Chicago and other universities began the first programs in area studies in response to international upheavals after the two world wars. Area studies provided students with intensive training in the languages, geography, and cultures of the Middle East and Asia, with the aim of fitting graduates for positions in the military or foreign service. Over the last fifty years the expansion of the area studies model has broadened these war-time aims to include an exploration of questions of globalization, the environment, media policy, gender, family and reproduction issues, and journalism.

Since the 1980s federal funding has switched to the Department of Education and each individual Area Studies Center accordingly runs an educational outreach program hosting teachers’ workshops and providing resource materials to local and international organizations. As recipients of Title VI funding many of these centers are able to offer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships and grants to their students for language tuition in lesser taught languages such as Czech, Tamil, Turkish, or Korean.

Affiliated centers

In addition to Centers within the Division, SSD Faculty are affiliated with the following Centers in other Divisions and Schools across the University: