Social Sciences undergrad alumni win 2017 Summer App Challenge for depression monitor

August 14, 2017 (last updated on November 21, 2019)

Two recent alumni of the College, Andy Rapoport, AB'16 (Public Policy), SB'16 (Neuroscience) and George Abitante, AB'16 (Psychology) are part of the UChicago App Challenge summer 2017 cohort winners. Their app, Clarity, which automatically pulls data from a user's lifestyle applications (social media, email, sleep trackers, etc.) to assess for signs of significant mood change, which could indicated depression. These variations in pattern can then be discussed with a mental health professional.  

Our app will provide a less disruptive, more accurate way to diagnose Depression, which is both a research effort for UChicago clinicians and ultimately a potent tool for teaching how to recognize, track, and manage the illness.
-The Clarity team

The App will be developed by the APP Challenge developers into an iOS app that will pull "multiple streams of behavioral data into one place" and allow clinicians to send a diagnostic form to patients and receive feedback that they can assess in real-time, alleviating some of the innacuracy that stems from retrospective summaries of mood by the patient. 

To read more about Andy Rapoport, AB'16 (Public Policy), SB'16 (Neuroscience) and George Abitante, AB'16 (Psychology), visit the UChicago App Challenge website.  If you are interested in learning more about undergraduate majors in the social sciences, visit the Social Sciences Collegiate Division directory of majors, minors, interdisciplinary, and joint degrees.