Violence against Women in Mexico

11/07/2017 - 12:30pm to 1:50pm
Kelly Hall, Room 114

Mexican Studies Seminar | Autumn 2017

Violence against Women in Mexico


Estefanía Vela
J.S.D. Candidate, Yale Law School
Programa de Derecho a la Salud, CIDE

The murder rate in Mexico has increased dramatically in the last decade. This surge of violence is commonly attributed to the “War on Drugs” launched by former president Felipe Calderón at the end of 2006. A closer look at the numbers, however, reveals that while this might be true for male murders, it does not necessarily explain female homicides. What is the relationship between gender inequality and violence in Mexico? What is the difference between the violence that men and women most commonly experience? How can these differences be taken into account in order to battle violence more adequately?

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