History Pedagogy Workshop

02/19/2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Social Science Research, Room 224

Nick Kryczka will present "Tuning Civilization: Part 1," a workshop for graduate-student instructors in Civ. Do we know what we're doing? In this and the following session, grad students will learn about and experiment with the "tuning" process. Tuning refers to a decentralized effort being undertaken by historians across the profession to define the disciplinary ideals, core competencies, and learning outcomes that distinguish the history major and history coursework as a part of undergraduate education. We'll learn about these efforts and take an "intra-civ" approach as we pose these questions of our own experiences in Civ classrooms at Chicago. Participation in these sessions is a great item to add to your teaching portfolio and CV.

Please RSVP. For assistance attending this event please contact Nick Kryczka at kryczka[at]uchicago[dot]edu.

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