History Department Pedagogy Workshop

02/11/2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Social Science Research Building, John Hope Franklin Room (Room 224)

"Teaching Difficult Pasts" with Alice Goff, Kathleen Belew, and Johanna Ransmeier – Please RSVP to all events at agoff(at)uchicago.edu.

Alice Goff, Kathleen Belew, and Johanna Ransmeier will offer thoughts on how to teach historical subjects that are politically, culturally, or emotionally charged. We will discuss how to foster productive conversations and accommodate diverse backgrounds, how to prepare students to engage with violent sources and to write thoughtfully about fraught subjects, and how to support yourself in the classroom. Those who would like to submit questions in advance are encouraged to do so: agoff(at)uchicago.edu.

Pedagogy workshops center on unique and challenging aspects of teaching history at UChicago and beyond. Whether you are a veteran history educator or just getting started as a TA or intern, this series will be relevant to you.

For questions about accessibility please contact agoff(at)uchicago.edu.

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