Media Wars Student Symposium: Resistance, Gender and Sexuality, and Discourses of Truth and Non-Truth

11/29/2017 - 3:30pm to 6:30pm
Centers for Gender/Race Studies, Community Room (105)

In our contemporary moment, we have become accustomed to terms such as “counter-terrorism” that signal an effort to resist internal and external threats, and those suggesting that we live in an age of “post-truth” dominated by “corporate-media,” “fake news,” and “fact-challenged” journalism. Additionally, we regularly encounter a range of media practices and discourse that evoke war and violence.

Please join us for a mini-conference of undergraduate research aimed at tracking, evaluating, and theorizing contemporary or historical media that situate gender and sexuality within a so-called “media war,” or in their construction and dissemination of “truth” and/or resistance.

The symposium is open to the public and will feature student presentations and discussion of the original research they have developed throughout the fall quarter. The event will be followed by a reception in the lobby. We hope you can join us for this fun and celebratory event. Reception to follow.

Part of the Counter Cinema/Counter Media Project of the CSGS.

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