Black Women, State Violence, and the Transnational Struggle for Black Lives With Andreia Beatriz dos Santos and Christen Smith, moderated by Alysia Mann Carey

11/15/2017 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Centers for Gender/Race Studies, Community Room (105)

Gendered, anti-black state violence is a transnational phenomenon. Its reoccurrence throughout the African diaspora highlights the need to pursue anti-colonial, black feminist strategies that expose how state discourses and practices produce black women as enemies of the transnational state. This event will be active(ist), strategic and challenge the ways that we take the boundaries and politics of the modern nation-state for granted.

Andreia Beatriz dos Santos is one of the co-founders of the React or Die Campaign (Reaja ou Será morto, Reaja ou Será morta) in Brazil and coordinator of the Black Community Action Network Quilombo XisAção Cultural Comunitária in Brazil. Andreia is a medical doctor at the Lemos Brito prison in Salvador and a PhD candidate at the Federal University of Bahia, where she is studying the impact of the prison system on families and prisoners' health.

Alyssa Mann Carey is a PhD student in Political Science. Her research interests include Black politics, political violence, gender and sexuality, and resistance.

Christen Anne Smith, Ph.D. is a Black feminist anthropologist, social justice advocate and Associate Professor of Anthropology and African and African Diaspora Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Her work focuses on the gendered dimensions of anti-Black state violence and resistance in the Americas. Using the lens of performance and performance theory, Smith examines the immediate and longterm impact of police violence on Black communities, particularly on Black families and Black women. Her book, Afro-Paradise: Blackness, Violence and Performance in Brazil (University of Illinois Press, 2016) chronicles Black Brazilians' experiences with police violence in Bahia and the relationship between this violence and the state's construction of Bahia as an exotic tourist site – afro-paradise.

This venue is physically accessible and has a gender-neutral
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