Urban Art and the Block: Urban nature symposium

This symposium considers gardens from their colonial histories through to their present-day adoption by contemporary artists as a mode of artistic practice in the urban space. Turning the lens onto the different kinds of ecologies intersecting in artistic garden projects on the South Side of Chicago, we will consider the city garden today as a microcosm of broader environmental dynamics, where notions of resilience, and remediation resonate with global concerns of climate change. Speakers include Jessica Stockholder, Laura Letinsky, and Patrick Chamberlain.

Urban Art and the Block: Nature, gardens, and landscape

In the format of a conversation, participants will speak to how the role of aesthetics in their practice/work intersects with their interest in gardens, landscape, and urban nature. Further food for thought is offered with an excerpt from Weedeater, a documentary about local horticultural artist, urban forager, and ecological systems designer, Nance Klehm. Conversation participants include Jessica Stockholder (Chair, Dept. of Visual Arts,) Laura Letinsky (Prof., Dept. of Visual Arts,) Patrick Chamberlain, Marc Berman (Assistant Prof., Psychology), Catherine Kearns (Dept.

South Side Projections Chicago Premiere of Barbara Hammer’s “Welcome to This House”

Co-sponsored by the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, the Counter Cinema/Counter Media Project at the University of Chicago Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, and the Nightingale Cinema.

Barbara Hammer will appear via Skype in conversation with Jennifer Wild, associate professor in the University of Chicago’s Department of Cinema and Media Studies and Department of Romance Languages and Literatures.

Urban Art and the Block: Placemaking symposium

This symposium investigates places and the various practices of making, unmaking, remaking, and representing them. Often inscribed by deep-seated structures of violence and inequality, places can also hold the potential for positive transformation and methods of self-representation. From Chicago’s South Side to Brazilian favelas to the spatial contestations between Israeli and Palestinian borders, we examine the issue of place entangled by the complexities of its legal, economic, political, and social dimensions.

Screening of "The Area"

“The Area” is an in-process documentary film about a South Side Chicago neighborhood being demolished to make way for an intermodal freight yard. This screening includes a Q&A with filmmaker David Schalliol and UChicago film scholar Jacqueline Stewart. This event is part of the 2017–2018 Sawyer Seminar on Urban Art and Urban Form.
Presented by UChicago Urban and UChicago Arts.