Cinema 53: Passing Through with Fumi Okiji and Seth Brodsky

In its spring series, Cinema 53 presents a series of movies focusing on the role of music in and on film. Curated by Seth Brodsky, Interim Director of the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry, the series looks at what happens when film becomes musical and music becomes filmic. Tonight, an evening on jazz and film with writer, scholar, and musician Fumi Okiji, screening what is widely considered the greatest film about jazz and Black experience, Larry Clark’s 1977 Passing Through—a film in which, as Haile Gerima put it, “you see the colours of musical instruments transcribed into colour.”

Liz White's "Othello" with panel discussion

Liz White’s Othello was the first film version of Shakespeare’s tragedy that starred a Black man and remains the only Shakespearean film directed by a Black woman. The film adapts Shakespeare’s tragedy to the 1960s, using an all-Black cast and crew (including music by Hugh Masekela) to reimagine the play in a way that addressed colorism in the Black community, Afrocentrism, and the Black Power Movement. Yaphet Kotto plays an African Othello whose dark skin and traditional dress set him apart from the light-skinned and sophisticated New Yorkers whose social world he enters.

CSGS Faculty Book Party

The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality is grateful to our faculty affiliates from across departments, divisions and schools who generously contribute their time and energies to the Center and its continued development.

Please save the date as we take the evening to celebrate recent books by some of the CSGS’s amazing faculty affiliates, including: