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Zachary Sheldon

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences Zachary Sheldon

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Department of Anthropology

Zachary Sheldon

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

Zachary Sheldon earned his PhD from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. His dissertation, entitled "Waiting on Embers", drew on immersive, long-term fieldwork with Iraqi migrants in Amman, Jordan to resituate experiences of forced migration within regional circuits of war, labor, and trade. By studying how Iraqi migrants navigate a regional war economy from within, his dissertation unsettles the prevailing depiction of the refugee as a figure of social exclusion and allows migrants' own critical knowledge of everyday life to illuminate a complex and poorly understood configuration of transnational capitalism. Currently, Zachary is  revising the dissertation into a book by revisiting his ethnographic data through the lens of anti-imperialist theory from the Arab world. 

Zachary has taught courses on social and political theory and on ethnographic approaches to play and games at the University of Chicago and on urban studies at the Columbia University Global Center – Amman. He has also supervised undergraduate ethnographic research projects on food and dining in Chicago and served as a consultant for international development agencies in Jordan. His first full-length peer reviewed article, entitled "Managing Refugee Resettlement'', will appear in this summer's issue of The Anthropology of Work Review.