Teaching Fellows

Kristina Pagel

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences Kristina Pagel

Area of Study

Department of Comparative Human Development

Kristina Pagel

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

Dr. Kristina Pagel is a developmental biopsychologist with an interdisciplinary focus and background in psychology, biology, chemistry, and neuroscience.  Her teaching and research interests include how biological factors; such as inflammation, gender, and age interact with social factors to influence physical and mental health and behaviors across development. 

Kristina’s dissertation, “Biological and psychosocial aspects of cardiovascular disease: Validating and analyzing cytokines in older U.S. adults” used biomarkers to explain sex differences in heart disease and its inflammatory mechanisms using data from the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (NSHAP) of NORC at the University of Chicago. For her research, Kristina also coordinated the validation of field methods and assay techniques used in biomarker collection for NSHAP.  Her next projects will look at how inflammatory biomarkers can be used with measures of physical, mental, and social health to predict future health and mortality in older adults.

As a teaching fellow, Kristina will teach the courses Developmental Biopsychology, Darwinian Health, Women and Girls in Science, and the Biopsychology of Parenting.