John U. Nef Committee Social Thought

NEH Public Scholars Program

The Public Scholar program supports well-researched books in the humanities intended to reach a broad readership. Although humanities scholarship can be specialized, the humanities also strive to engage broad audiences in exploring subjects of general interest. They seek to deepen our understanding of the human condition as well as current conditions and contemporary problems. The Public Scholar program aims to encourage scholarship that will be of broad interest and have lasting impact.

Kierkegaard on Inwardness, Suffering, and the Search for a Secure Ground in the Face of Contingency

My dissertation research focuses on the turn to interiority in Kierkegaard’s religious ethics. One of Kierkegaard’s central claims is that we, in our modern age, have forgotten how to exist and have forgotten what inwardness is, and that the way in which philosophers generally write about ethics has encouraged this.

Social scientists receive Wayne C. Booth Graduate Student Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Wayne C. Booth Graduate Student Prizes for Excellence in Teaching, established in 1991, recognize excellent teaching of undergraduates by graduate students. College students and faculty members nominate the recipients. This year’s winners are Emily Dreyfus, Moira Flanagan, David Gutherz, and Jaira Harrington. David Gutherz and Jaira Harrington are both graduate students in the Division of the Social Sciences.


Division plans for University's 125th anniversary celebration

The Division of the Social Sciences is partnering with the Secretary of the University's Office to align anniversary celebrations during 2015-2016. Many departments and centers within (and affiliated with) the Division are celebrating anniversaries ranging from 25 years to 75 years. The Dean's Office is in the early stages of planning an event and exhibit for November 13, 2015, coinciding with the anniversary of the opening of the Social Science Research Building.