Department of Psychology

Justice for Me or You?

Self-interest is a fundamental human motive.  However, individuals also care deeply about justice, fairness, and equality.  My dissertation combines work in social psychology, behavioral economics, and cognitive neuroscience to investigate how one’s perspective influences moral decisions, as well as how individual differences in justice motives can predict neural activity within different perspective-taking contexts.  The Social Sciences Division Research Grant has been essential to carrying out these investigations.

Social Sciences Diploma and Hooding Ceremony

Social Sciences Diploma and Hooding Ceremony

Speaker: Amanda Woodward, Deputy Dean of the Division of the Social Sciences, William S. Gray Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago

Saturday, June 11, at 2:15 p.m., Rockefeller Memorial Chapel          

Division of Social Sciences' candidates that participate in the hooding ceremony need to rent a hood from the University Bookstore.