Department of History

New textbook takes narrative approach to history

When Jane Dailey set out to write a new history of the United States, she envisioned something more than the standard textbook. “Textbooks are written by teams of people without any narrative line beyond chronology,” said Dailey, an associate professor in history at the University of Chicago. “I wanted a consistent voice, and a narrative that has characters and plot and suspense as well as argument and interpretation.” The result of a decade of work with co-author Harry L. Watson of the...

NSF Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems (NCS)

The complexities of brain and behavior pose fundamental questions in many areas of science and engineering, drawing intense interest across a broad spectrum of disciplinary perspectives while eluding explanation by any one of them. Rapid advances within and across disciplines are leading to an increasingly interwoven fabric of theories, models, empirical methods and findings, and educational approaches, opening new opportunities to understand complex aspects of neural and cognitive systems through integrative multidisciplinary approaches.